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Teshida was founded to bring innovative products to market - products that make life easier for their users. The company's first product idea came about when our founder's son was practicing his music on the piano, and the loose sheets of music kept falling off the piano.  That moment led to the idea that there must be a better way to secure these loose music sheets, and, so, Showcase was born. Showcase is a multiple panel display designed to assist the student musician in maintaining focus by removing distractions caused by loose sheet music that falls off the music stand, pages that have to be turned or books that won't stay open.

 Showcase is ideally suited for outdoor music performances by band and orchestra. Don't let a drizzle bother you. Just play through it, since your music is secure in plastic pockets.

Outside the music industry, our product concept has found a diverse set of applications. Showcase secures and displays knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch and quilting patterns.. It also organizes and protects Grandma's precious recipes, as well as floor shop and repair instructions. Showcase is great for encasing real estate property brochures at showings and open houses, and great for corporate sales and marketing departments to present their sell sheets. Executives and college professors can use it to organize lectures as well.

Showcase is a boon to corporate marketing departments. Now you can get a sign holder that is designed around your product. No more will you have to crowd all the important product information you want to share with potential customers into one, measly sale sheet.

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