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Showcase is Teshida's first product. It came about when its inventor realized that there was a market need for a product that helped people read multiple pages of a document simultaneously.

Showcase is a boon to corporate sales and marketing departments for them to display sell sheets and brochures at trade shows and other events. Showcase is a great help in securing  speeches in place, too, so that one page follows another in order. Can you imagine discovering pages out of order in the middle of a speech?

Are you a realtor? Would you like to make your listing brochures look more professional? Then Showcase is the answer. Encase a few listing brochures at your open houses or showings in Showcase. Place one on the kitchen counter, one on the dresser in the master bedroom, and one on the dining room table. Add some pizzazz to your displays, and enhance the value of your properties.

is designed to help your child focus on the music by taking away distractions caused by music sheets that fall off, or those that have to be turned by hand from a book.  While flipping pages comes easily to an adult, it, often, can be challenging to a child. The same can be said about songs that have to be played from thick music books that won’t flatten out for easy reading. Someone has to hold the book open while the young musician tries to play. Showcase takes away these hindrances by displaying up to four pages of sheet music simultaneously. It may be placed on a music stand or piano.

Showcase arrives as a kit that can be customized to your use. Three 8½” x 11” plastic pockets, or sleeves, that can be laid out side by side to hold loose, sheet music are provided in the kit. These can be joined by two special hinges, also provided. Additional panels and hinges may also be purchased with your order to get different configurations. Pockets and hinges may be added and subtracted at will.

Showcase is a great help to corporate sales and marketing departments. Now you can create a display that will fit your needs by giving you the number of pages that you wish to display at trade shows and in your lobby. No more will you be limited to a single page.

The special hinges make it easy to fold up Showcase, and carry it around like a thin book.
  Showcase is also very useful in protecting and displaying quilting, knitting, embroidery and cross-stitch patterns; precious, family recipes, such as the ones handed down to you by Grandma, as well as shop floor instructions and repair work instructions.


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