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Making life easier through inventive products is Teshida's goal.

Showcase, our flagship product, is a customizable, multi-page display holder. It consists of a series of three plastic pockets (joined together by hinges) into which you can insert anything written or printed that you would like to present, so that your material is organized, and protected from the environment. And you have multiple pages available to you to read simultaneously.

You may be a realtor who would like to show off your glossy brochures at an open house, or at a showing. Or, your company's sales and marketing departments may want to display multiple pages of product literature or sell sheets before potential customers, or at trade shows. No longer will you be constrained by a fixed configuration consisting of a single page or double page sign holder.

Your child may wish to present his or her school report uniquely and attractively. Showcase is the answer to your needs.

You may want to have your favorite needlework patterns protected and displayed, or your precious family recipes protected and made available for easy reading. Holding Patterns, the two-page version of Showcase, protects your patterns and recipes, and secures them in place.

Your child, who is a budding musician in his or her school band or orchestra, will derive great benefits by securing loose sheet music in Showcase. No more worries about falling music sheets; no more book pages to turn for the budding musician, and, therefore, no more distractions. No more flapping of loose music sheets during outdoor band and orchestra concerts. Use Showcase as a sheet music protector and organizer.

Showcase is ideal for holding shop floor instructions in harsh environments.

You can add and subtract panels to Showcase at will, in order to increase or decrease the number of pages displayed. When you order two units of Showcase, you get six panels and four hinges. And, to top it all, Showcase folds easily for carrying around.

Showcase has a patent pending.

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is the answer for students and teachers alike! No longer is the need to arrange pages in order! No longer is the worry of turning the pages! No longer is the hassle of retrieving the score from the floor!

As a professional musician and teacher, I often arrange and compose music. These compositions, printed on loose sheets of paper, once had the habit of flying off the music stand. Also, many publications printed in perfect bound books are impossible to keep open!
Showcase has taken care of that problem! By inserting individual sheets into this cleverly designed paneled product, Showcase allows you the freedom and ease to read from page to page without the use of your hands to turn the page.

is definitely the answer!

Maggie Realley

Piano, Keyboard and Organ Teacher

is truly a unique product that offers a musician greater freedom and added flexibility. As an accompanist, it has become an invaluable tool, particularly for shorter, three to four page compositions; and, as an added bonus, it has been extremely useful to me when I have needed to give abridged speeches or lectures, aesthetically, without having to turn pages in a cumbersome fashion.

F. Homi Cooper

Music Director, Chicago Philharmonia Orchestra

is phenomenal in both function and form. It's incredibly easy to transport thanks to the fact that it folds up and holds sheets of music securely in place. It works especially great for piano pieces that are several pages long because you can continually play all the pieces and you don't need to flip any pages.

Daniel Siskind

Age 14

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